Can Gutter Guards Help Protect Your Home?

mush gutter guardYour home is a great investment and should be protected not only to maintain its integrity, but also to ensure its value. During storms and rains, the waters fall on the roof and it is easy to think that the water is not harmful. On the contrary, this water will damage the structural integrity of your home. This is where a gutter guard becomes useful. Whether you are building a new house or maintaining an old one, gutter guards in seaford should be considered for protection and safety.

How Do Gutter Guards Work?

Overlapping the top of the gutter, these metal grates or mesh block debris such as pine needles and leaves to ensure that water from the roof will flow effectively once in the gutter. With guards, debris will be falling off the ground instead of clogging up the system and no more cleaning of the gutter.

  • Protects Your Gutters

A gutter without a gutter guard is at risk of corrosion or rust. This is because debris stuck in the gutter can form rust and when water doesn’t flow as it should; the roof will be damaged leading to leaks. By installing gutter guards, you will be preventing corrosion and rust to your gutter as well as the roof which is expensive to repair.

  • Protect Your Home Features

Home features are paramount if you want to maintain its value. When you cover your gutters with gutter guards, you protect your basement from flooding and molds.  Home siding, windows, paint, shutters, wood and even lights are also safeguarded from damage. Water dripping to the ground and pooling around the foundation of your home is also a hazard that affects the appearance of your home. The guards prevent this from happening.


  • Protects You Home Against Insect Infestations

When your gutters are open and debris clogs them, it is very likely that insects such as mice, squirrels and mosquitoes will find a new home. They have water and a viable habitat to breed in. Choosing and installing your system carefully will create a physical barrier to insects that could be a health hazard to your family.

  • Protects Your Home from Bushfires

When a gutter guard is installed safely, it will protect your home against bushfires. How is this possible? Considering the fact that they prevent debris such as leaves and twigs from settling in the gutters, they will prevent the fire from spreading in these areas.

  • It Prevents Cracks

Your home foundation is at risk of breaks and cracks when water freezes in the gutters. The water causes visible damage. A gutter guard will prevent water freezing and stagnating. It does not only cause a blockage, but it also damages the foundation of your home which means more maintenance costs.

If you live in an area that has many trees, a gutter guard will be of great significance in protecting your home. Even when in not such an area, you will still need gutter guards to keep off insects and pests as well as reduce the costs of maintenance such as repairs of the gutter.